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The job of guarding the School disciplin has always been a tedious job. Well someone's got to do it. So came the need for the Prefectorial Board. The C.R.S prefectorial board was formed as early as 1961 with the first school captain being Mr.Lim Chi Teong. Since then it has gone through many hands untill today's captain of 1999, Teoh Kah Seng. School captains are always choosen among form six students as their more matured in handling students with roblems.The Prefectorial board consist of the Committee, Senior Prefects(Form 5), Junior (Morning) and Junior(Afternoon). Disciplin has always been number one for prefects , in the line of duty. To be well prepared for the challenges put apon them, the senior prefects are sent for a weeks traning at a Leadership Training Camp(LTC) held anually as a new batch of prefects come in. The C.R.S prefects are already online at their own site, so please get to know more about them at