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Co- Curiculum
The Co-curriculum activities are compulsory for all students to participate in. In Cochrane, every student must be actively involved in atleast 3 activities. This includes one uniform body, one of either clubs or societies and one sporting event. The compulsory involvement of students in Co-curriculum is a very positive move as it makes sure that students are all-rounders and not only bright in their studies. Most of the activities are held after school during the afternoons for the morning School session and held in the mornings for the afternoon school sessions. The active involvenment of students in these activities guarantee a good young breed of students that are healthy both physically and mentally.

The extra-curricular activities also gives the students a chance to prove themselves in a particular field. They will also learn various prudent skills that will enable them to be more flexible and matured in their course of growing up. With the involvement in uniform bodies for instance, students will learn how to be more disciplined and responsible for their actions.

Being in clubs and societies gives the student a chance to gain more knowledge in the various fields. Each of these clubs also have their own administration hierachy where students are elected as presidents and they run their club with the help of a elected committee. This gives students much knowledge on human resource management and leadership skill that are very essential Lastly, being invloved in these activities will foster good ties between students of different races and religions. This is important to keep Malaysia free of Racial distress.

In Cochrane, the management of clubs and societies, boards and sports activities are done by two main bodies. The School Captain's board manages all the Boards and sports activities with the help of the Sports Assistants Board.The Clubs and Societies in the other hand is managed by the Majlis Gerko (Gerak Kerja Ko-Ko), a new body set up in 1997 to replace the old Majlis Persatuan-persatuan. The functions of both are almost the same only that the Badan Gerko does more paper work on calculating merit points for students that excel in sports and academic. Merit points is also given to students that do volunteer work for the school.