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The emergence of an Independent Malaya brought about a new School in the State Capital, The Cochrane Road School. Established in 1957, Cochrane was pioneered by the then Headmaster Mr Chew Ah Kong who was from Victoria Institution Kuala Lumpur. All there was, a Sikh Temple, Hindu Temple, numerous barren coconut trees, thick bushes and squatter houses stubbornly refusing to move doted the land and amidst these surroundings where cows still grazed, was a 5 roomed single storey school building with a "cowshed" as a canteen. This was the Landscape of the site of CRS at its humble birth in the historic year of MERDEKA in 1957.

First Single storey Building in 1957

Image 1 - Cochrane Road School Plan 1957.

Image 2 - Sikh Temple inside Cochrane's grounds.

The Victoria Institution also donated Furniture to Cochrane. Besides VI, the High School and Education Department provided the rest of the necessary furniture. There was no proper sanitation system. Therefore only nominal sports activities could be held. There was also no school field. The pioneer group of Cochraneans, consisted of 83 students with 4 teaching staff and one headmaster.

Image 3 - Pioneer teacher's and Headmaster of Cochrane 1957.


This year, both morning and afternoon session school began. Student intake shot up to 489 students with 12 teachers ( two of whom were temporaries). The lack of space forced 6 classes to share spaces with other schools such as the Sekolah Kebangsaan Bangsar, SRJK(Tamil) Kg. Pandan and the St. Gabriels School. The School Board of Governors comprising of nine members including its chairman Mr. Leong Hoe Yeng, JMN was formed. The late Mr Jangir Singh suceeded Mr Chew Ah Kong as the second Headmaster while the later was transfered to the Pasar Road English school as Headmaster.

The Late Mr Jangir Singh introduced the School Badge. The symbol and colours depicted on the School Badge were chosen by him and crafted by a student, Lee Saik Wah who later tought in Cochrane in the early 80's. This year for the first time 74 students sat for the L.C.E or Sijil Rendah Pelajaran.The lack of space forced the successful candidates of the SRP to be posted to various schools around Kuala Lumpur. The first School Scouts was formed this year under the leadership of Mr.Arul. This group was then known as the "Kumpulan ke-36 Kuala Lumpur"


First School Scouts - 1958


School Staff - 1958


This year saw a new building now commonly known as the "Red Block". This Block Consist of 12 classrooms,an art room, 2 store rooms, a library(resource centre), and an APD room. Six former classes that were sharing space from other schools later joined the parent school this year. The staff population leapt to 21, including a graduate. There were guest too. The SM Kg. Pandan had to "tumpang" in Cochrane during the afternoons until their own building was completed.

Red Block - 1960


Image 4 - School Staff of 1960.


At the age of 4, Cochrane Road School went a step further with the opening of 3 upper secondary classes at the level of form 4.Total teaching staff increased to 27. For the first time, Cochrane held it's anual Cross Country Run. The School Librarian Board was formed.

Image 5 - First School Librarian Board


This year showed steady growth and Glory for Cochrane. The Late Mr Jangir Singh was succeeded by Mr Lim Eng Thye. Cochrane became a full fledge Secondary school with a Remove Class, six Form one's, six Form 2's, four form three's, four Form 4's and three form 5's. Student population doubled to 854 and the first batch of students were sitting for the Overseas School Certificate (now SPM) for the first time. The staff included 3 Graduates, 24 normal and Collegge Trained teachers and 3 Temporaries.

Image 6 - First batch of SPM students

Despite the need for a hall, and the lack of a proper field and sports facilities to cater for our extra-curicular activities, CRS shone in sports. The Soccer and Hockey players made full use of the hour alloted them daily in the Postal Union field in Imbi Road, to carry out thier vigorous training. But the handicap hardly matered especially to the U-14 rugger squad who captured the state championship title while the Soccer team managed to get a respectable second spot in The Khir Johari Cup.

Glory came in badminton when CRS shuttlers became the state Champion for the King's Cup beating Victoria Institution 3-2. The victory was all the more commendable when we consider that this was the first time CRS participated in this competition.Four Scouts were awarded the Royal scouts title this year. Three new clubs were formed, namely the Maths and Science society, the geographical club and the Art Club. This year also saw the evolution of a new school sysmbol, "The Cochranean" anual school magazine.


The Badminton Team that Emerged Champions - 1962


School First Editorial Board 1962
Image 7 - The first 4 Royal Scouts.


Student intake incresed steadily to 1060 people with 25 classrooms. There were 36 teachers including a Volunteer from the "Peace corps" of America. New Building started mushrooming. A new Administration Building, School Hall, bicycle stand, 2 science labs and an Industrial art building was constructed. There was still a need for twelve more classes. Our very own school field was still elusive as squatters stubbornly camped on the proposed grounds and objected to eviction attempts.As usual, we continued training on the other School or club fields for sports and games as well as the VI school Swimming pool for swimming training.

The Spirit of friendship was fostered with the launching of the "Friendship through knowledge" project aimed at moving Cochrane towards the Global front. Cochrane adopted a Brother School from the United States, Dekalb High School from the state of Illonois. This windows to world of International relations was made possible through the efforts of the then Peace corps teacher, Mrs. Mary Weinhold. "Shields", newsletters, magazines and pamphelets were exchanged between students.Another cross country run was held this year.

Image 8 - The 1963 Cross Country run.


School Staff of 1963


More achivements were attained with the first Anual Athelethic Meet held at the St. Gabriels School because Cochrane still did not have a school field. Despite this disadvantages we, nevertheless took the rugger U-15 state title and notched third place in soccer. Two ruggers players made the state team while the top soccer player, Hung Hooi Jin donned State and national colours playing in the Malaysia's Youth Team at Saigon.


This year sets another mark into the Historic calender of Cochrane as on the 1st September 1965, Cochrane Road School was officially openend by the then Menteri Besar of Selangor, Datuk Harun Hj. Idris.The School celebrated that day by having it's "Speech Day" which was followed by a 3 day School Exhibition opened to the Public.


Menteri Besar and His Wife Signing the Guest Book.
Menteri Besar giving his speech


Headmaster, Mr. Lim Eng Thye brief's guest on the School History

Togather with this occasion, Cochrane marked another history, the official opening of the Sixth Form although with a solitary class. Staff count read 52.Then came 1966......

.......Continued at next chapter..........

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