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Three years later, in 1968 a transformation had taken place. The "ugly duckling" CRS was now a handsome, modern school occupying a 14 acre site in a pleasant suburban{at that time} environment. Gone were the stubborn squatters and the eyesore "romah kilats, belukars" and our "clowning" glory, for the canteen, the "cowshed of CRS", whose attap roof leaked profusely during rain storms.

In their places were 2 concrete 3 storey buildingshousing 25 classrooms, a large and airy canteen, 4 labs and an air-conditioned library. There was also an administrative block, housing offices, a bicycle stand, voleyball and basketball courts, a staff room, a bookshop, hall, industrial arts block, indoor and outdoor badminton courts and finally CRS's very own School Fields.

The year 1969 saw the retirement of a very long serving Headmaster, Mr Lim Eng Thye. He was succeded by Mr Yeong seng Chye as the school's fourth headmaster.


Cochrane stepped into the seventies full of style and substance. Our " Star of the decade", Chiand Jin Choon broke five national and state swimming records each and hauled in 80 medals in the course of the year. He earned a rare place in the school's hall of fame by being honoured with a special award for his yet unparallelled achivements.

There were others too. Malaysia Goalkeeper Lim Fung Kee and the school's soccer supremo, okhtar Ahmad were included in the national team for an international school sports tournament. Shutler Lim Cheng Hoe smashed his way to the U-16 singles while wan kwong sum and Lim Took Mee swept the doubles titles in an all -cochrane final in the Selangor Open Championship.

Because of the growing achivements, Mr Yeong introduced "The Roll of Honour" award now commonly known as the "Pengurniaan Panji-panji Sekolah", the award of colours and certificate of merit which have now become a symbol of school tradition. CRS was also one of the first secondary schools to have a central body to co-ordinate societies activities. The formation of the Council of Societies on June 29 was a bright idea the then senior assistant, Mr Lee Chuan Seng.

The Coucil of societies was later known as the "Majlis Persatuan-persatuan" and then in 1997 called "Majlis Gerko(Gerak kerja Ko-kurikulum)" headed by another teacher, Mr C.S.Chye.Mr Yeong started the Board of Monitors (badan Ketua kelas) on April 2 to delegate more responsibility to the students and streamline discipline. The board also aimed at fostering better ties between students by providing another channel of comunication.Mr Yeong left CRS on August 18, 1970 after serving barely a year to be succeded by Mr.R.Dayanandan Naidu whose stay was even shorter as he was promoted as Deputy CEO in Perak on May 6, 1971

Following a bretahless 1970, the next year saw the establishment of yet another Cochrane School symbol, BERITA SIARES, our very own "Newspaper", launched by Datuk Hj. S.O.K. Ubaidulla.


As Mr R. Dayanandan Naidu left, Mr Goon Fat Chee assumed the Hm's post on June 1, 1971. Mr Goon put his musical talents into work by writing and composing our very own School Song, titled - "Hear Ye Our Alma Maters Call ".The Music for the school song was composed scored by an American Peace Corps teacher, Mr. Dick Halverstead. Name of House colours were also replaced by local fauna.


In the year of the Munich Olympics in 1972, CRS was "there" in the person of Chiand Jin choon. Jin Choon also elevated the school's sports prowess by winning two awards - Swimmer of the year award and sportsboy of the year award. Jin Choon's road to Munich capped an already outstanding performance for malaysia in the SEAP(now known as the Asian Games).

In Tennis, CRS scored a first by winning the Wilson trophy in the state Championship for the second successive year. Ace player Zulkifli Ibrahim, Onn was also selected as one of the two players to represent Malaysia in Tokyo. Lee Wai Ching represented Malaysia at the SEAP games.

Not to be outdone, the shutlers captured the elusive King's Cup- symbol os supremacy in badminton at national school level while our gymnasts made it three in a row by capturing both the U-16 and U20 titles. In fact Selangor gymnastics team was monopolised by CRS with six of the boys from Cochrane. Ng Sik Hoi vaulted himself to gymnastics fame by becoming Malaysian schoolboy champion.

Academically, CRS finally got it's first 8A'1 scorer at the M.C.E(SPM) scored by Lim Tee Ngay. CRS also emerged champions at the Ungku Aziz trophy quiz organized by the University Malaya Economics Society. A Walkathon was organized for the first time. This event netted a bout $10,000. In 1973, Jin choon grabbed the limelight again when he was voted the nation's Sportsman of the year. Not to be outdone, the U-20 footballers won the coverted Khir Johari cup for U-20 Football at School level in the state. Another student, Lim poh chuan tallied 8 A'1 in the MCE. Staff population topped 67 while students totalled 1701.


The 1971 MSSM Gymnastics Champions


The next year, we won the gymnastics title for the sixth consecutive time. Lee Wai Ching gained individual honours when he represented the Malaysian Tennis team in the Davis Cup. The Hockey U-15 school team also grabbed the state title beating M.B.S. K.L in the final 1-0. Amidst this, we bade a sad farewell to popular H.M. Mr Goon Fat Chee who left on October 10, 1974 after serving for about three and a half years.Mr Seow bin hak became the headmaster the very next day.

The strinng of success in the field of sports brough about the formation of the Sports Captains Board to formulate a programme of systematic developement in 1975. Chan swee Cheong emerged as the best schoolboy symnast in the country.

Then came 1976................. Continued at next chapter..........