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In 1976, we won the gymnastics team title again for the 8th consecutive time, while Leong hoong Hin snatched the M.S.S.M gymnastics individual title. In hockey, we won runners-up spot in the state U-15 tournament. The second walkathon was held to raise funds to complete the new science block. The walk raised $28,000.

On our 20th Anniversary in 1977, with an enrolment of 1860 students, CRS gave 2 "presents" to the nation (also 20 years old) when Kok chong Fatt played for Malaysia in the 34th World Ping Pong championship in Birmingham, England; while Chiang Jin Guan, brother of Jin choon, swam for Malaysia in the Asian School Swimming Championship in Hong Kong. Meanwhile Leong Hoong Hin successfully defended his MSSM Gymnastics Individual Title.

A move to renew old ties among students bore fruit with the formation of an Old Boys Association.Scouts in 1978 got their very own Den at the cost of about $4000. A sports assistants board was formed in 1979 to assist in sports activities and a student welfare society was also set up. In gymnastics, Chin Chow Sin emerged the best Schoolboy gymnast in the country.

Cochrane's "Berlin Wall" was constructed. Six feet High and 1800 feet long. It encircled the school field and agricultural garden in February at the cost of more than $13 000. Mr.Seow also bade farewell to CRS after 5 years with the school as he went into retirements. He past away peacefully on June 1982.He was succeeded by one of Cochrane's longest serving Headmaster, Mr Ajmer Singh.


Mr Ajmer Singh headed the school untill 1989.During this period Cochrane Road School emerged as one of Kuala Lumpur's most succesfull and famous secondary schools. Cochrane had 51 classrooms with 1987 students. Staff count stood at 87, 52 graduates and 33 teachers collegge trained and temporaries.Cochrane emerged as the Champions of the Zone Pudu. There were numerous students of the Hockey team chosen to join the MSSSM. As ususal the anual cross country run was held on the 23rd of February. The 1982 walkathon successfully collected $72,000. More money was needed in order to put up new blocks such as the sixth form block which was only succesfully built to completion in 1993.

Another important event took place this year leading to the widespread of organ donation pledges made by many nowadays. It was a shocking news when a CRS student, Glen Jayawardena past away in a traffic accident. he left behind a griving family and a legacy of sight. Glen pledged to donate his eveys at the age of 10 and gave new eyes to two unknown souls when he died. His family also apeared to be one of the very first to pledge to donate their eyes, as earlya s 1977. Glen's father received many awards on behalf of his brave son for his contributions.

1982 was yet another historic year for Cochrane. This year Cochrane celebrated it's silver Jubli celebration. We had much to shout about this year. The new Multi Purpose Hall was completed this year. We got two new water coolers and also a new 'Surau". This year Cochrane was also unofficially said to the one of the largest and best schools in Kuala Lumpur.All students were involved in this function. Various exhibitions were held through out the day. The main attraction of the made was indeed the Calisthenics and Gymnastics Display.

To conmemorate the occasion, they organized various sales of Cochrane merchandises. Mid may, the feeling the Silver Jubilee was in the hearts and minds of all true Cochraneans. Soon the awaited day, 12th June arrived. The School Uniformed bodies were prepared for the guard of honour to honour the special guest, Deputy Education Minister of Malaysia, dato Khalil Yaakub and the State Education Director, Encik Mohd. Khalid bin Abdul Halim.

The celebration of the silver Jubilee gave an oportunity for the manifestation of the Cochranean spirit - One for all and all for one. All Cochraneans took pride in demonstrating to others that 25 years of CRS is comparable to many other well established schools in terms of achivements and growth.

Viva Cochrane......