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The Cochrane Online Homepage was a dream come true to many that have made various initiatives to bring forward this school into the highlights of Information Technology.The entire framework of this site was designed by an Ex-Cochranean. Look for the Founder C.R.S online started as an unofficial site developed by various individuals. Serious work on an official site began only in October 1998. It took about 6 months for the enitre site to be completed as it was developed by a single individual with the help of the pioneers, a group of students that were selected andtrained to meet up with all the
computing needs. We pioneers are now the board of directors. We are also planning to form an editorial committee to revivie the long lost "Berita Siares" term newsletter, which would be out in a monthly bassis "a.s.a.p". A strong support from students and also ex-students will make this site a sure success. We need ideas, written and art work of all sorts to keep this site hip and going always!.