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Past Principal's

This page is a special tribute to all the great souls that have led the school to glory over the past and present. As you all know by now, Cochrane was extablished in 1957, by Mr. Chew Ah Kong, our very first headmaster.

Mr. Chew Ah Kong (1957-1958)

He was the first headmaster. In 1957, he was transfered from the Victoria Institution to be the headmaster of Cochrane. He built the school from scratch with 4 other teachers. A year later, 1958, he was transfered again to the Pasar Road English School(Sek. Ren. Jalan Pasar) also as their Headmaster.


The Late Mr. Jangir Singh (1958-1962)
The late Mr Jangir Singh took over from Mr Chew in 1958. He introduced the School badge. During this period, student intake shot up to 484 while staff count stood at 27. he passed away on 19th Julai 1980.
The Late Mr. Lim Eng Thye(1962-1969)
The late Mr Lim Eng Thye succeded the Late Mr.Jangir Singh on 1962. A very long serving headmaster, during this period Cochrane had it's new look with new buildings, canteen, administrative buildings, air-conditioned library, industrial arts building. Academically, results improved tremendously during this period.
The Late Mr. Yeong Seng Chye (1969-1970)
Being the fourth Headmaster, he totally restructured the clubs and society management in the school. The "Majlis Persatuan-persatuan" or now known as "Majlis Gerko" was formed during this period.The monitor's board was formed during this period. He also intrduced the awarding of certificates (Pengurnian Cemerleang, panji-panji, etc.) to honour Cochraneans that excel well in academic and sports, which eventually became a nother Cochrane Symbol.
Mr. R.Dayanandan Naidu (1970 - 1971)
His stay in Cochrane was among the shortest as he was promoted as Deputy CEO of the Ministry of Education (Perak) on the 6th Mei 1971. During his stay, the P.I.B.G or Parent teacher Association was formed.
Mr. Goon Fat Chee (1971-1974)
Mr Goon was among the most popular Headmaster at that time. He scored our school song, "Hear Ye Our Alma Maters Call". The music was then written by the the American Peace Corp teacher, Mr. Dick Halverstead.Accoring to Ex-Cochranenas, he was one headmaster that really made students realise the need to be all-rounders and not only excel in a particular field.
The Late Mr. Seow Bin Hak (1974-1979)
He always though that teachers and students must be given all the nessecery facilities and he made sure they made goof use of the facilities provided to them. The Cochrane's "Berlin wall" was built during this period. He organized "Walkathon's" to raise funds to build a multi purpose hall but before he dream could come true, he retired. he passed away on the 6th Jun 1982.
Mr. Ajmer Singh (1980-1989)
Mr. Ajmer Singh was Cochrane's longest serving Headmaster.Being an efficient person in his work, he managed to foster good ties and relationship between staff and students. The name "Cochrane" became very noticed around the City during this period.Cochrane also excelled very much in the field of sports and academicHe retirement on 1989 left many in tears. The 25 year Cochrane silver Jubilee celebration was successfully held in 1982 under his leadership.
Puan Hoo Nyok Yin
Tuan Hj. Hashim
  Tn. Hj. Hashim took over from Ms. Hoo in 1992. He always never failed to enlighten students the importance of speaking Bahasa Malaysia as it was our National Language. He also reminded students that they should be fluent in the Internationally recorgnized English language. His is to be remembered as a Headmaster that had constently motivated students psychologically to excell. Among his most frequently used phrase was "do-it" meaning we can do whatever we want if we put our hearts and minds to it.