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This page contains all the information one would need to know about "The Cochrane Road School". The School map shows our exact location in Kuala Lumpur and also the physical layout of the building around the school. The lyrics and music of our very own school song "Hear Ye Our Alma Maters Call" can be found on the school Song section.

In the School facilities section, you can have a brief preview on all the infrastructural facilities found in C.R.S. The "Cochranean", Cochrane's proud anual magazine and all it's history can be found at "The Cochranean" section. The Prefects are never left out here and do find out more bout them in their own page.

Last but not least, a brief preview on all the successful busy V.I.P's that once studied at Cochrane and what they have to say about Cochrane today can be found at the "V.I.P Cochraneans" section.