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This page is special as for the first time we have come up with this new idea of placing profiles of successful ex-Cochraneans in this site. For the time being we only have detailed interview profiles of 3 of them. We hope their success would be emulated by all Cochraneans. Those who know of any V.I.P's that once studied in Cochrane, Please let us know.

Dato' Rahim Osman - Pengarah Urusan KTM Berhad
Dato' Rahim had his early education in the Pasar Road School and pursued his secondary education in Cochrane. He then joined MARA (ITM).His urge to study more led him to KTM Berhad for a study loan to study at Northen Illinois University, America. When he returned, he joined KTM and stayed on with KTM over it's many years of success. He says, one should be proud of his/her school and contribute towards the success of it. A strong sense of "Espirit de corps" is also important to drive the "Love your School" motto into every student.
Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing - Lim Kok Weng Creative Arts Instite
Well Tan Sri Lim Kok Weng need no more introduction than the Prime Minister of Malaysia himself. Being a very artistic Individual, he studied in Cochrane from 1966 onwards. (then he joined in form 4). He loved drawing and won numerous awards right from his schooling days.He agrees that active involvement in Co-curriculum activities help build the character in an individual. His active involvements in the Human rights movements are very prominent. He published books about the the Bosnian sufferings where the sales of the books were channelled to suffering Bosnians. His advice to Cochraneans, never give-up, every individual must have a vision to be the best and to achive the best. Cochraneans indeed are the best of the best.
Datuk Maizan Shaari - Police Chief, Sabah(1997)
Datuk Maizan was at Cochrane for form 6 in 1967. He then continued his studies in the field of anthropology and sociology in University Malaya. After obtaining a M.A. in Political Science and before joining the police force, he has worked as a teacher, an assistant broadcaster (RTM) and also with the Minsitry of defence. According to Datuk Maizan, everyone must have a strong sense of responsibility to oneself and also to the society around them.He also reminds Cochraneans not to forget their school and keep up with it's past, present and future.